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  • Can I request insurance cover on my shipment?
    Yes you can! We would definatly advise this, as if anything happens for instance, your order is damaged, lost or stolen RorzCustomPC will not be held liable. You can find more information on our shipping and returns policy page HERE.
  • Do you ship to other countries?
    Yes, we ship to most countries, but, if your country does not appear in the list of countries we ship to on checkout, you will need to message or email us directly before checkout to arrange a shipping quote to your country. Email us here: Please note: We do not pay for any import duties that you may be charged. You can read through our shipping and returns policy HERE.
  • Can I vinyl wrap my panels myself?
    Yes you can, however, we don't recommend it unless you know how to do it yourself! Please follow our step by step guide below.
  • Can I use my own images/art work on mouse pads and vinyl wraps?
    Yes you can! To use your own images/art work follow the instructions on these pages: For Vinyl Wraps go HERE. For Mouse Pads go HERE. If you need any assistance please contact us via email or live chat. Please note: RorzCustomPC will not be held liable if the customers artwork has copyrights attachted to it and has not informed us about the copyright. Please read our terms and condition policy HERE.
  • Are the custom made PSU and Extension cable sets tested before they are Shipped?
    Yes they are! The cables are fully tested with the corresponding power supply, and is done with an ATX power supply tester. We will allso ensure the connectors connect as they should when plugging into Motherboard, GPU, SATA, MOLEX and EPS connectors.
  • Can I purchase a case from a different supplier and get it shipped to RorzCustomPC for vinyl wrapping?
    Yes you can, but you should contact us first so we can confirm the PC Case, Make And Model can be vinyl wrapped.
  • Can RorzCustomPC build you a Gaming PC that is either water cooled, air cooled or Hybrid cooled?"
    Yes, RorzCustomPC can build Gaming PC's to your specification, this can be air cooled, Hybrid (Air and Water Cooled),full boutique hard or soft tube closed loop system. If you have a project in mind then please contact Rory via email to discuss the finer details. Please note: Pricing is subject to a quotation and price of all the hardware and materials, but prices can change due to exchange rates on a daily basis. You can check out our aswsome Build Gallary HERE.
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