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This liquid cooled build features our stunning Chaotic Rift design, a mixture of vinyl wrap and direct print was used on this NZXT H7 case. The purple liquid in the loop looks amazing and finishes this build off. Interested in this design on your own PC? It is available as a case vinyl wrap and/or direct print. For more info, drop us an email at 


This NZXT H710 Case features a Warhammer 40K vinyl wrap. This project included a cable set, as you can see, the colours of the sleeving work really well with the artwork on the case. The 'Chaos Gate' logo looks great on the glass side panel and the design carries onto the cable management panel. Want to customise your Gaming PC set up? Drop us an email at 


We were commissioned to do this liquid cooled build in a NZXT H710 Case. The customer chose Jinx artwork for the vinyl wrap and pink liquid for the loop which works really well with the colour scheme. This was a fun project to do, very unique and colourful! Looking for a custom PC build? Drop us an email at