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Vinyl Wrap
  • Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl Wrap

PriceFrom £70.00



PLEASE NOTE: the NZXT H710 illustrated here is NOT included, it's for visual reference only, and to give you an idea of what the H710H210, H510, H510 Elite, H440 and S340 could look like with this wrap!


Our vinyl’s are made to order and take two to three weeks to complete, this however depends on how busy we are and if orders are completed early, we will ship straight away.


Vinyl Wrap Options:

  • Front Panel Bundle:  1x front panel wrap, 1x power button wrap, 1x acid etched window vinyl.
  • Full Wrap Bundle: 1x front, top, right side panels, 1x power button wrap and 1x acid etched window vinyl.



The NZXT H210, H510, H510 Elite and S340 have ventilation slits/holes on the top and right-side panels, we DO NOT wrap over the vents as this will obstruct airflow in and out the PC case, our plotter cuts the ventilation areas out of the vinyl for a clean-cut finish. If you have any questions about this process, please email or message us on our website.


If you reside outside of the United Kingdom, and feel confident you can wrap your PC case, then our Do It Yourself Vinyl Wraps are for you.  They are easy to apply due to our numbering convention and DIY user guide which helps you with applying the wrap to your panels.


DIY Vinyl Wrap contents included: 1x DIY vinyl set, 1x squeegee, 1 - 3x 100% alcoholic wipes and replacement pop rivets.


PLEASE NOTE: You will need the following if you can't remove the front and top panels from the Chassis: 

  • Drilling machine 
  • Correct size drill bit for drilling out the pop rivets
  • Pop rivet gun to rivet the panels back onto the PC chassis.  


Once the custom vinyl’s have been printed, returns will not be accepted as per our terms and conditions here

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