RCPC Crimp Tool


Our RCPC Crimp Tool is a high-quality tool for crimping and terminating your wire, it works best with our terminals. This piece of equipment is well made and will see you through many a cable project. It is very comfortable and easy to use for beginners and professionals a like. 


Check our images 5 to 8 on this page to see our illustrations on "HOW TO CRIMP CORRECTLY"


Our RCPC Crimp tool works with the following wire sizes:
Wire Size 15AWG - Cross Section 1.50mm²
Wire Size 16AWG - Cross Section 1.50mm²
Wire Size 17AWG - Cross Section 1.00mm²
Wire Size 18AWG - Cross Section 0.75mm²
Wire Size 20AWG - Cross Section 0.50mm²
Wire Size 23AWG - Cross Section 0.25mm²
Wire Size 26AWG - Cross Section 0.14mm²


ATX Mini-Fit-Jr and Similar open barrel Crimp Terminal sizes: 
Crimp Terminal Size AWG15

Crimp Terminal Size AWG16

Crimp Terminal Size AWG17

Crimp Terminal Size AWG18

Crimp Terminal Size AWG20

Crimp Terminal Size AWG23

Crimp Terminal Size AWG26


DuPont 2.54 Male And Female Terminals:

Terminals for Internal Front Panel

Terminals for Internal USB

Terminals for Internal Audio


Fan Terminals:

Female Fan Terminals