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PUREsleeve® Jet Carbon Extension Set
  • PUREsleeve® Jet Carbon Extension Set

PUREsleeve® Jet Carbon Extension Set

PriceFrom £12.00



PLEASE NOTE: We make these Pre-Designed Extenstion Cables as Illustrated in the image on this page, if you want your own custom design with these colours, then go HERE to build your cables.


Our custom cables are made to order and the current crafting period is up to three weeks, this depends on how busy we are, however, if orders are completed early, we will ship before the end of the crafting period, and once we have quality checked and tested the cables.


Once these custom cables have been made, returns will not be accepted as per our terms and conditions HERE.


PCI-e Extension Cables: - Due to different orientations of Graphic Cards/GPU's, the direction/orientation of the connector clip will be different, this information is very important, as the clip could either be inside of the curve or outside of the curve when plugged into your Graphics Cards/GPU's, so please put this information into the text box on this order page so we can craft your PCI-e cables correctly for you.


PLEASE NOTE: RorzCustomPC will NOT be held liable for incorrect clip orrientations as this is up to the customer to make the correct selection.

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