Product Information:


We use 3M Vinyl to print our High-Resolution images which is done inhouse. Our 3M Vinyl is of the highest quality, and makes it ideal for wrapping PC Cases.


We have two finishes for you to choose from, Matt and Gloss, both of these finishes look amazing. So, if you want something with eye popping colours go with the Gloss and if you want dark dull colours then Matt is for you.


This colour scheme can be paired up with a Mouse Pad and/or Custom Cable Set which you can choose from our website.




Please note, our vinyl wraps are made to order and the current printing and wrapping period is up to three or four weeks, this depends on how busy we are, however, if orders are completed early, we will ship before the end of the manufacturing period.


Choose one of these two options:



Send the panel to us and we will wrap it for you, which INCLUDES A 1 YEAR GUARANTEE!


Option 2: Wrap the panel yourself, this does NOT INCLUDE A 1 YEAR GUARANTEE!


Follow These Steps Below:


  1. Ask us if we have a template of your front panel. If we don’t, then please follow the next steps.
  2. Remove front panel from PC case.
  3. Remove any extra plastic/metal parts from your front panel.
  4. Measure your front panel, height and width. We recommend using a soft tape measure as it will measure around curves/bends more accurately. Add 10mm to height and width to accommodate bleed. (SEE EXAMPLE TEMPLATE IMAGE ABOVE)
  5. If you’ve chosen option 1, ship your front panel to us after you have taken the measurements. Add the front panel measurements and case model to the ‘Add Comments Here’ section when you checkout.
  6. If you’ve chosen option 2, we will print the vinyl and ship it to you.
  7. To apply the vinyl wrap yourself, please read our FAQ



Brown-Grey-White Abstract Grunge Wrap

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