In 2001 Rory launched a business called XtremeGaming, he made gaming mouse pads for competitive and regular gamers of the gaming community in Johannesburg, South Africa. XtremeGaming grew steadily with the help and support of the gaming community. In mid 2008 Rory sold XtremeGaming and emigrated to the United Kingdom where he now resides.

RorzCustomPC (RCPC) is a small family run business which is based in Colchester, UK, where the sun always shines! I’m joking it’s always cold and grey lol. RCPC was launched in November 2019 by Rory (Gaming Enthusiast) and Amanda (Social Media Guru & Pro Designer)

Our aim is to offer a custom look for your gaming rig, offering a wide range of vinyl wraps, custom cables sets and mouse pads to match the aesthetics, and to offer you the freedom to express yourself with your own cable pattern or your designs printed on your Vinyl wrap or mouse pad. 


We aim to ship products to you in a high quality never compromised finished condition. Rory is a stickler for detail and very meticulous with his work, he has a passion and this is what he loves doing.


"Thank you gaming community for giving us the chance to wake up every day doing what we love and to share our ideas, collaborations and evolving products with you all."


Rory and Amanda are proud to be a part of such a great community, so thank you for reading and enjoy visiting our website.



Rory, Amanda and The Team

(Game on and prosper)

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