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We are RorzCustomPC (RCPC) and we offer Gaming / Esports PC customisations and DIY products. We are based in the UK and we launched in July 2017. We are very passionate about what we do and we strive to meet our customer's expectations.


​We offer a wide range of custom vinyl wraps, cable extension and modular sets to match the aesthetics of your Gaming / Esports PC. We give you and your Clan the freedom to express yourselves with your own designs and clan identity, which is only limited to your imagination! 


We produce high quality products, and are very proud of what we create, our attention to detail is excellent. This is our passion, and we look forward to sharing our ideas, collaborations and evolving products with you!


We are proud to be a part of such a great community, so thank you for reading and enjoy visiting our website.


Thank you from Rory (Gaming Enthusiast), Amanda (Pro Designer) and the team.

Snoogi full system build, vinyl & cable set project customer review:


Rory did an excellent job on my beast of a custom PC build, he really is a cable genius, his talents do not stop at cabling but cover everything from cabling - hardware install - vinyl wrap - even custom lighting setup he’s fantastic.. I’d highly recommend RorzCustomPC for any PC building job.

John's - Google Review

Custom full modular cable set customer review:

Bought a set of custom cables and they were top quality. Rory made sure that it would fit my needs and sent me pics along the way as he built the cables. Super fast shipping from UK to Spain and the cables arrived perfectly. No issues so far either with power delivery and temperatures. Cables look great and makes the setup look much better than stock cables.

Luis's - Google Review


Monkey Island vinyl and cable set project customer review:


One if the best businesses/people I have had the pleasure of working with. I was looking around for weeks, trying to find an alternative to spray painting my case that would provide me a higher level of customization for my custom PC build. I found Rory and we worked together to realise my vision of a Monkey Island PC Build.

With Rory, you don't just get someone who will create, he will join your vision and offer suggestions to help blend your colors or create images you never thought could be transposed onto a case, a reality.

I will link a video to the build when everything is completed so people can understand just how good this man is at Case Modifications/Wrapping.

I have legitimately considered building a second PC, just to have another case to look at with these wraps in my house. Bring any idea to Rory and I guarantee he will create you something that surpasses your expectations.


Cannot praise him/his company enough!

Tristan's - Google Review


It's all here! Browse through our Pre-Built cable extension sets, check out our range of PUREsleeve sleeving colours, shop DIY Cable Materials and Tools, customise your own Modular or Cable Extension Set, or check out our PC Case Vinyl Wraps. 


Check out our awesome PC build and cable set galleries, these were all great projects we had the liberty to work on.

If you are looking to start a PC build project then contact us HERE and lets bring your ideas to reality.


Thanks for submitting!

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